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I believe we can work together to make a difference and create the change needed to ensure that all Texans have a safe place to live, strong infrastructure, good schools, access to affordable health care, and the opportunity for a good job.

A small business owner ready to lower homeowners' property taxes.

A former teacher ready to support our teachers and public schools.

A woman ready to lead in the transition after the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

A mother dedicated to gun safety measures that do not violate the 2nd Amendment.

A respected local attorney ready to lead in Austin and bring our tax dollars back to McLennan County.

A mom/legal guardian of a disabled child ready to insure that our disabled community is protected.

meet eriN

I am a lawyer, a mother, a wife, a former teacher, and an owner of two small businesses here in Central Texas. I have been a Texas bankruptcy attorney for nearly 40 years and have tirelessly advocated for more than 6,000 Central Texans during some of the most difficult times in their lives. I know how to listen to folks, understand their issues, and then fight for them in Court. For nearly 4 decades, I have been an advocate for Texans across Waco and McLennan County.


After a deadly winter storm, two years of a pandemic, and the post-pandemic economic hardships we have faced, we can't afford to wait for leadership that will advocate for Waco and McLennan County. We deserve better.

Meet Erin

erin on the ISSUES



The following videos are from Erin’s 2022 campaign for Texas House District 56.

Campaign Videos
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