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Biden-Trump Debate

Many have asked for my thoughts after the Biden/Trump debate. Here they are. 

President Biden had a bad night... and he picked a bad night to have a bad night. Former President Trump also had a bad night. He lied 30 times in 90 minutes to the American people… that averages out to be a lie every three minutes. So, I think it was a bad debate by both candidates and neither of them "won". Trump definitely "performed" better than Biden, but it can never be said that lying every three minutes to the American people amounts to a "victory". 

Biden-Trump Debate

Candidates have stumbled many times on the campaign trail. The Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump bragged about grabbing women by their private parts, was released right before the last Biden/Trump election. His affair with porn star Stormy Daniels was almost also released right before the last presidential election, which would have been devastating for Trump's campaign for the Presidency. He covered that up by paying that porn star $150,000.00 and a jury of his peers have found him guilty on 34 felonies for that behavior. His own lawyer served time in federal prison for assisting him with that cover up. 

I think that is much worse than President Joe Biden's debate performance last week. 

As my friend and our former U.S. Representative Chet Edwards says, "I wish Joe Biden was twenty years younger." But he isn't. We simply have two old men running to become the next leader of the free world. It's a scary time for us all. However, I will take an "old man" who stumbled on his words in the debate but is honest, works every day for the American people, has not been impeached twice by the U.S.House or convicted by a jury of his peers of 34 felonies and had a remarkable first term passing amazing bipartisan legislation. I will choose him over the other "old man" who lied to the American people 30 times in 90 minutes, lied over 30,000 times to the American people during his presidency according to the Washington Post's fact checker team and instigated a violent insurrection at our Capital in an attempt to stay in power after he lost the last presidential election. 

Joe Biden has admitted that his performance was less than stellar. His performances on the campaign trail since the debate have been spot on. I believe his preparers tried to fill him with too many facts and figures with canned answers to use during the debate. Next time, let's just let Joe be Joe. 

I always watch political debates, usually with a group of politically minded friends. I had a fun group of friends with me last Thursday night as we watched the debate. The watch party began with everyone smiling and in good spirits, but resembled a funeral at the end. It was a tough night for both candidates and the American people. However, the most important thing we need to do in making our decision in this election is to study what these two candidates want to do if they are elected. 

President Biden will implement a much needed reform of our Immigration laws with bipartisan support - which could have happened already if Donald Trump had not told the Republicans in Congress not to vote for those proposals because that would hurt his chances of getting elected. According to the vast majority of the polls, immigration reform is the most important issue in the next election. Project 2025 sets forth former President Trump's vision for our nation's future and it is terrifying. You can read a summary of it here. 

I'll stand with the old guy that stumbled in his debate performance but wants to uphold Democracy. If the other old guy who wants to become a "dictator on day one" wins, God help our Democracy. 

Just my thoughts. 

Erin Shank 

Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives - HD 56

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Melissa Mullins
Melissa Mullins
Jul 03

Thank you for your honest thoughts regarding the debate Erin. I agree with you that our choice is two old men, but it isn't the old part that concerns me the most- it's that it's always men, and to that I would add that they are white men. Biden has served the American people faithfully, two terms as Obama VP and bought us four years Trump free. Party leaders including Joe could have used that four years to groom a ninja Dem to take on Trump (I feel like) and give Joe a well-deserved break. I also think there's a missed opportunity here to educate the American public a bit. As I watched the debate, I remembered reading an ar…

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