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Living With Covid

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

On Saturday, August 27th, I tested positive for Covid 19. Four days after my positive results, my disabled daughter, Rachel, and my husband, John, both tested positive. I was very sick for the first three days. As I am writing this column, Rachel and John both have runny noses and are sleeping a lot. I am very worried about Rachel due to her disabilities.

All three of us are vaccinated and boosted.

Living With Covid Erin Shank

As I laid on the recliner in isolation for three days sick as a dog, I was scared but I was so glad that I was vaccinated and boosted. Now that I am watching my beloved daughter and husband suffer with Covid, I am worried for them but am so relieved that they are protected by the vaccine and boosters and a lot of prayers from friends and family.

We are living proof that you can still get Covid 19 after vaccination and boosters, but that your chances of survival and “mild” symptoms are greatly increased. I am so glad that when we contracted Covid 19, it was after the creation and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines and boosters.

When the pandemic hit our world in March of 2020, my family and I lived in complete lock down for 14 months to protect our disabled daughter Rachel. That experience, along with the mismanaged winter freeze in which two of my clients died, inspired me to run for the Texas House of Representatives. During those scary months while thousands of Texans and residents of McLennan County were hospitalized and dying, where was Doc Anderson?

I believe that public servants should lead by example. I am proud to tell you of my Covid 19 journey, including the struggles we are having this week. I am proud to tell you that my family and I are vaccinated and boosted. I will unabashedly encourage all of my constituents to get vaccinated and boosted. If I can convince one person to get vaccinated and boosted by writing this column, our suffering this week will have been worth it.

I know we are all “tired” of Covid 19. I sure am. However, 440 Americans are dying every day of Covid 19. This month, a booster specifically designed to combat our current strain of Covid 19 will be available. I strongly encourage everyone in McLennan County to get vaccinated and boosted to protect yourself, your family and our community. If you do have symptoms or test positive, stay in isolation and follow your doctor’s advice.

I canceled all of my in person campaign events this week in order to care for my family and myself. I am crushed that Rachel and I will not be in the Westfest parade. She would have loved it. However, I am listening to science. I emphatically believe we need more politicians that listen to science and lead our community accordingly.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Published in the Waco Tribune-Herald on 9/4/2022


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