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Waco Deserves More Than Furniture at the Texas House

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Hello Friends and Neighbors:

I was raised in the South. My mother always told me that when you receive an invitation that contains an RSVP, you respond with either a yes or a no by the deadline contained in the invitation. Not responding is inappropriate and simply rude.

On July 1, 2022, I received an invitation from Thom Hansen, who represents Texas Senate District 22 in the Democratic Party, to debate my opponent, Doc Anderson. I immediately responded with a strong yes. The deadline to respond to Mr. Hansen’s invitation was August 1, 2022. Although Doc Anderson was sent the invitation by mail, email and through a phone call message, he never even responded. I guess we can all assume that Doc’s rudeness can be interpreted as a no.

Waco Deserves More Than Furniture at the Texas House

However, I have been told that the debate will continue without him. So, please mark your calendar for September 24, 2022, at 2:30 p.m. and I will debate an empty chair. The debate will be held at East Waco Multi-Purpose Center, 1020 Elm Avenue in Waco. Rissa Shaw from KWTX and Jasmin Caldwell from KCEN will be the moderators. We will live stream it on my campaign Facebook page, which is

Since Doc Anderson will not stand before you, the voters of McLennan County, and defend his record, I would like to tell you a little bit about his record.

Doc Anderson is almost 80 years old and is a retired veterinarian. He has been representing House District 56, which consists of most of McLennan County except for East Waco, in the Texas Legislature for 18 years - nine terms. During that time, he has won the “Furniture Award” twice, which is awarded by Texas Monthly to the legislator who is no more consequential than his/her desk or chair. Again, he has won this award twice.

Also, during his many years in the Texas Legislature he has never chaired a committee. Any student of the Texas legislative process will tell you that all of the work in the Texas Legislature occurs in the committees. During the past 18 years, he has served as Vice Chair of the Livestock and Agriculture Committee and has served on the County Affairs Committee. I love a Texas hamburger just like anyone else, and I have personally represented many farmers and dairymen in federal Court here in Waco, but for the past 18 years our only voice in the Texas Legislature has been on the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, and then only as a Vice Chair.

Waco is a strong, vibrant city with three great institutions of higher learning and a booming economy. McGregor is seeing strong growth with several businesses, including SpaceX, now calling it home. West has recovered from the tragedy of the fertilizer explosion and is also growing due to its location on the I-35 corridor. Businesses are moving to McLennan County at an unprecedented rate, as all of our local Chambers of Commerce will attest. Our community therefore needs a strong leader, who is also a well-respected attorney and small business owner, who holds three college degrees from three separate Texas universities in law and politics, to represent us in Austin. I am on your ballot on November 8, 2022, and I urge you to vote for Erin Shank for Texas House because we deserve better representation in the Texas House of Representatives.

Published in the Waco Tribune-Herald on 8/14/2022


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