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What’s to come in 2023…

As the 2023 Texas Legislative session progresses, I will be posting updates on various issues and bills filed and passed in the Texas Legislature.

What’s to come in 2023…

For my first update, I will focus on bills introduced in the House and Senate concerning our elections in Texas. Here are a few bills that have been filed and I will be watching as they move forward:

  • A bill to make Texas school board elections partisan elections.

  • A bill which would require that members of each county appraisal board be elected by voters instead of appointed.

  • A bill which would create literally thousands of "Election Marshalls" who would enforce Texas' election laws.

Anticipating the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Moore v. Harper, which is a case that concerns the "independent state legislature theory" that would give state legislatures virtually unfettered authority to regulate federal elections, legislation has been introduced to separate state and federal elections. These elections could occur on the same day, but voters would register and vote separately for state and federal elections.

Additionally, several bills regarding the establishment of independent voting commissions, which would address and deter the practice of partisan gerrymandering, have been introduced by House Democrats, but have little hope of success in the Republican controlled chambers.

Protecting our right to vote and ensuring that we all have fair and equal access to cast our vote is essential to preserving our Democracy in Texas and America. I will continue to follow these bills, and others as they are filed, and will share the information I gather with you in future #TXLege Updates with Erin Shank.


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